Beat The Credit Crunch!

The credit-crunch in print

We’re a fair way into the credit crunch now – so much so that people seem to have stopped talking about it, even though its effects are still being felt everyday by customers, business owners and borrowers all around the world. There are many that believe that this was actually GOOD for the online printing industry. When work is short, many companies get some promotional work done to try and drum up some business. A popup banner stand is a good example, and placed strategically can help bring in some trade in these tough times. Other print services are just as useful though – stickers printing, cheap banner printing, posters, leaflet printing – all can help the small business to drum up trade.

We spoke to Mega Print in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire and asked them about how the recession has affected them and their customers. They said:

“It’s been quite difficult to measure how the credit crunch has affected business. Because of our ongoing SEO work and refinement of our business model we’ve seen steady growth despite the recession. That said, it’s hard to know how much better we might have done had the economy been in a stronger position. We deal with a lot of small business and start-ups and there doesn’t seem to be a reduction in the number of people starting small businesses or promoting existing ones, so it’s fair to assume that the tough times don’t deter entrepreneurship, and seem to encourage existing companies to do more promotion to keep things ticking along. With keen pricing and a quality service and product we can often win this type of work, so it’s a win-win. The customer gets a real boost and we continue to grow and expand our customer base year on year.’

So there you go! Despite the recession, if you are clever with your numbers you can still start the business of your dreams and print is still one of the best ways to announce your company to the world and make sure that you are getting the attention that you deserve from day 1 (or even before then!)

What would we recommend for a small local business? Ok, we love a list, so here goes!

  • Find a prominent spot and get a huge banner up there. Pay for the space if necessary. A good roadside position can be seen thousands of times a day.
  • Get some quality leaflets designed and printed. Get 20k distributed professionally in your area, door to door.
  • Get a good website design and start some SEO – this will cost, but is worth it. It’s what your competitors are doing!

Well, what are you waiting for?